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Halloween Polls at Boone Central High School

by Emily Erickson

    Fall is a very exciting and transitional time of the year. Seniors are finalizing what they wish to do with their lives, leaves are changing, and school is kicking into full swing. With the end of October upon us, Halloween is the next major holiday that most of us are all excited to celebrate. Kids especially love this time of the year for the candy, teens love it for the horror movies and scary mazes, and adults may find it stressful for all of those reasons.

    I decided to conduct a survey on the different aspects of fall, to see what the Boone Central High Cardinals like and do not like. The first poll that was asked was if the students enjoyed the fall season. Post-survey, I learned that almost 96% of the students that filled out the survey do enjoy the season, with a meager 4% that do not enjoy fall. Whether they are not fond of the season for the cold or the horror, they do not enjoy this three-month time span.

    The next question was asking what everyone's favorite candy was. The survey shows that Boone Central is a school of chocolate lovers. The top three candies were all chocolate products: Snickers, Reese's, and Kit-Kats. Twix and Butterfingers were tied for fourth place, with a 4.2% vote for each. The majority of high schoolers at Boone Central are enjoying their chocolate at this time. 

    Thirdly, the students were asked what their favorite horror film was. Many students had a hard time selecting only one option, while others do not want anything to do with films of horror or gore nature. James Wan's production of The Conjuring was tied with Stephen King's classic film, It. As for applicants who are not fans of horror, 5.6% of those surveyed do not like horror movies. 

    The final survey question was about the students' overall favorite fall activity. As expected based on the horror movie survey, the Cardinals love the haunted horror attractions around Nebraska. The most visited horror attractions in Nebraska are Scary Acres in Omaha and Roca in Lincoln. Our own organization, SADD, took a group of students to Roca for a night of scares and fun. It has now been proven that the students within our school love a good scare every once in a while. The second most popular thing was college football. Nebraskans are very loyal to the Nebraska Cornhuskers under the coaching of Scott Frost. Despite the two recent upset games where we lost to Ohio State (48-7) and Minnesota (34-7), Frost can count on his fans in Nebraska to always tune in and cheer them on. 

    Students all over Boone County are having a great time this season so far. Going to horror attractions, watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, visiting pumpkin patches, and splurging on Halloween candy are some events that are making this season memorable. As Halloween approaches us next week, just remember to stay safe, stay spooky, and have fun!