Advisory Curriculum

  • The staff at Boone Central High School recognizes the challenges that our students face.  In order to give students the best chance at achieving success, we have implemented homeroom and advisory time.  Research shows, that if one person in a school knows a student well, a student's chances of success go up dramatically.

    In small groups that focus on a range of subjects, teachers and students are forming new bonds and setting new standards for personal education. Therefore, the goal of our advisory groups is twofold:

    1. Give every student in each class an opportunity to connect with an adult in the building.

    2. Provide students with activities and experiences to foster academic, career, and personal/social skills.

    Each year, students in the freshmen class will be assigned to an advisory group, which will remain together all four years of high school.  The advisory curriculum includes lessons and activities that cover various topics focused on student success both on a personal and academic/career level.

    Below is the 2022-2023 Advisory Schedule and Curriculum outline. 

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